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Sewer Inspection of Tucson is your reputable sewer line inspector company serving the Greater Tucson – Sierra Vista area. We have the most technically-sophisticated sewer inspection equipment and experienced certified inspection technicians.

You can arrange a sewer line inspection by calling Sewer Inspection of Tucson at (520) 222-9216‬. Email us at or fill out the form below for an appointment to check your pipes.

One of our trained and certified sewer inspectors will insert a special video camera to view the condition of the sewer system, septic system and drain lines and create a detailed report of their findings. A video of the inspection is available upon request.

Ask about our Sewer Leak Inspections and our Sewer Leak Test.

In addition to sewer pipes, we inspect pools as well.

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Sewer Inspection Tucson – Main Sewer Camera Inspection

  • $200 for camera inspection of main sewer line
  • Ask about our ‘Sewer Leak Inspection’ and ‘Sewer Leak Test’
  • (520) 222-9216‬